Change the way you see your golf game. Analyse, compare and share statistical information with fellow golfers. Available to all handicapped golfers on the HNA System. Upgrade nowEquivalent to R12.50 per month

Mobile Apps

Get free access to the HNA Premium App for iPhone and Android as well as the Mobi Browser App for all other smart phones. Track your Fairways in Regulation, Greens in Regulation, Putts per Round and hole by hole scores and submit your scores directly to the handicap system, all from the convenience of your mobile phone.


Have all your key game stats at your fingertips at all times.

Projected Handicap

Keep track of future changes to your handicap based on new scores that have been entered.


See where you rank within your Club, Union and Nationally in various categories, from your exact handicap to how many golf kilometres you have played this year.


View and filter your best and worst scores as well as your averages scoring against Par, Standard Rating and Handicap.

Game Analysis

Track and improve your game by entering your hole by hole scores as well as Fairways in Regulation, Greens in Regulation and Putts per Round. Analyse your game, find your strengths and weaknesses and practice and play more efficiently.


Map out various aspects of your game on a single graph to quickly and easily pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses for each round.


Compare your stats against those of your friends and fellow golfers. Sort by the various stats and see who is the best putter, driver or iron player in your group.


Follow your friends and track their scores and handicap history on the live activity feed.

Golfer Login Features Basic Premium
SAGA Golf – Premium iPhone, Android and Mobi App Access
Ability to Capture FIR, GIR and Putts per Round/Hole
Hole by Hole Statistics
Overview of Key Scoring Statistics
Game Trend Graphs
Player Statistic Comparison Table
Projected Handicap
Ability to Follow Players
Activity Feed of Players being Followed (Score entered and handicap changes)
Ranking by Handicap
Ranking by Number of Scores Entered
Ranking by Number of Courses Played
Ranking by Number of Golf km’s Played
Print/Save Round Analysis Page (Scorecard)
Exact and Previous Handicap
Number of scores entered (This Month/This Year/Last Year)
Number of courses played (This Month/This Year/Last Year)
Number of golf kms played (This Month/This Year/Last Year)
Handicap Trend Graph
Adjusted Gross vs Differential Trend Graph
Ability to capture Adjusted Gross, No Return and Hole by Hole scores
Ability to capture foreign scores
Ability to capture weather conditions for each round
Ability to capture whether one walked or used a cart
Ability to capture additional notes for each round
Ability to share a scorecard via Facebook, Twitter or email
Score and handicap history
Lookup Golfer